Dr. Darren J. Miller and FamilyOn a sweltering July afternoon in 1995, Dr. Miller moved with his wife, Kristan, to Frisco, TX. It was a time when Preston road was two lanes wide with corn fields on both sides. A lot has changed in this area since then with tremendous growth in our school system being one of them. The Millers should know as they now have one child in college, one in high school, one in middle school, and one in grade school.


While living in Frisco, Dr. Miller received both his Bachelor of Science (psychology) and Master of Science (community counseling) degrees from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Following the completion of the Master’s program, he and his family moved to Ohio so Dr. Miller could pursue his Ph.D. in Counselor Education at Kent State University, where he was a teaching fellow in the college of counseling and human development. As soon as he was done with his course work, he and his family moved back to Frisco, or as they call it, “home”.


Dr. Miller founded CogniBuilders to help people achieve their full potential. He looks forward to helping you achieve yours.

Executive Function

CogniBuilders focuses on assessing and managing issues with Executive Functions (EF) which, basically, are the cognitive processes we use to regulate ourselves.

To better understand we can break EF down into two categories—thinking and doing. Thinking skills involve planning, organizing, time management, working memory and metacognition. Doing skills involve response inhibition, emotional control, sustained attention, task initiation, flexibility and goal-directed persistence. Together, we refer to these as Executive Skills.


The inability to manage these skills is more common than one might think. In fact, there’s a scientific name for it—executive function disorder (EFD).  When EFD is present, there exists a gap between knowledge and action.  You or your child holds knowledge—the what—that may be missing the link to action—the how to.  This can be viewed as laziness, lack of intelligence, or disinterest when in fact it’s a deficit in the brain’s processing.


CogniBuilders is not a mental health clinic as we do not diagnose mental illness nor do we provide mental health counseling. At CogniBuilders, we assess deficits in executive function and create individualized plans to address them with our clients.